Wave Guide - Lightwave Training from Patrik Beck


World-renowned LightWave animator, author, and instructor Patrik Beck of Electric Crayon Studios has produced the first volume in the Wave Guide - Lightwave Training Series on CD-ROM. Wave Guide is a series of instructional lectures accompanied with real-time screen capture so you can both see and hear the instruction as it is presented.
The disks are compatible with both PC and Mac, and include LightWave content and rendered samples of topics described in the program material. Each disk contains a dozen or more sections that concentrate on a unique technique, or reveal common stumbling blocks in performing some of LightWave's tasks.
The current batch of topics reflects the desires of most new users and areas under-serviced by existing instructional material. This series is designed for the beginning to intermediate LightWave user, and covers LightWave version 8 features using the more familer 7.5 interface.

The first volume of Wave Guide contains these four titles:

  1. Industrial Strength LightWave - Lightwave is popular in many industries, including the cable station and manufacturing worlds, and in-house AV people are often faced with the task of creating great graphics with low budgets and tight deadlines. This disk covers the basics of getting you up and running quickly, with techniques and special effects that can be done quickly but look impressive. Nearly four hours.
  2. Adventures in the 2nd Dimension - Learn how to make LightWave-rendered images look as if they were hand drawn. The techniques demonstrated go far beyond the Cell Shading plug-ins to describe methods that will mimic the style of ink, charcoal sketch, and even blueprints. Line weight, frame rate, cartoon style, and much more. 3 hours
  3. Elements for Compositing - LightWave can be used as a compositor, but it is much better at creating elements to be used IN a composite. How to generate and cast reflections or shadows on background images, how to manipulate background shadow-casting geometry, and how to use fixed projection and shadow alpha are just some of the topics covered. 2.5 hours
  4. Introduction to Dynamics - LightWave 8 introduced an easy-to-use Dynamics System; this disk explores the application of dynamics in Layout. Basic operation and function of the different types of dynamic effects are explored, and the viewer is walked through examples of practical applications. 2.5 hours

Exclusively available at Safe Harbor Computers.