Current Demo
Every year or so, Electric Crayon Studio produces a new demo real. The demo generally includes material from jobs and projects that had been completed after the previous demo had been completed. If you have not heard from me for over a year, chances are I have a new demo.

The Vault
Because Electric Crayon Studio has been in business for over a decade, there is a wealth of previous demo material. With the advent of DVD, it has become possible to economically compile a collection of my previous work and demos onto a single disk. Some of the demos only existed on SVHS or VHS tape. The Vault also includes my animated shorts and some full-animated production pieces. The purpose of the vault is not so much for promotion as to put a historical perspective on the Electric Crayon Studio history and the evolution of local production. My hope is that it will be of use to students and interest to my friends the production community.

Most people in the production community can get a copy of the current demo just for the asking. To get a copy of THE VAULT you need to convince me that you are worthy, or have something to trade.